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Welcome to Visual Icecream

Inspiring people to create exceptional experiences

Hi, I'm Brett, a Design Leader and Coach with 15+ years of experience in the digital industry. Whether it's a conversation, a presentation, or a design, I aim to unlock people's potential to create exceptional experiences we're all proud of.

During my time working alongside Brett, I was consistently impressed by his work ethic, leadership style, and guidance as a design director—a rare gem in the realm of managers. He has a unique ability to delve into the details of a project while maintaining a comprehensive overview, even when managing multiple projects simultaneously.

Alicia GoodmansonFormer Senior Visual Designer, Pollen

I couldn’t have more positive things to say about Walshy - so much respect for him as teammate, leader and mentor. Walshy is a strategically astute, compassionate and visionary design leader. But his greatest strength is his genuine commitment to developing people.

Ash RankinFormer Senior Product Strategist, Pollen

During our time working together, Brett consistently demonstrated a proactive approach to improving cross-functional collaboration between my team and his. He possessed a keen ability to identify areas for enhancement within the design disciple at Pollen, and was proactive in implementing effective strategies to streamline processes and enhance communication among teams.

Carmine MastrantoneFormer UX Director, Pollen

Brett possesses an extraordinary ability to tackle challenges with a unique and creative perspective. One of Brett's standout qualities is his proficiency in solving problems creatively. His diverse background in digital design, spanning creative agencies and product teams, equips him with the ability to craft product experiences that truly stand out in the market.

Paul KellyFormer Head of Design, With Collective

Leadership initiatives


Progression framework

Clarify and define expectations for different levels of seniority within the Design Team


Figma Ways of Working definition

Co-design an agreed way of working in Figma for the Design team. Considering the variety of clients we work with and different way people like to work.


Collaboration rituals review and changes

Review, consult and implement changes to our collaborative rituals at Pollen. Ensure we're using our time effectively and increasing the quality of our work.


Project initiation alignment

Ensuring teams align on the project goal, identify risks as well as practices to leverage for success and agree on roles and responsibilities.


New starter roles & responsibilities

Ensure that expectations of a new employees roles and responsibilities are aligned. Identify growth areas to focus on. As well as align on their expectations from me as a manager.

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