Creating the in-store experience online

Mud Australia designs and handmakes porcelain homewares, and their unique aesthetic has attracted a global customer base. With brick-and-mortar stores in just six cities, the Mud website plays an integral role in business success.

The new website matches the inviting shopping experience of the brick-and-mortar stores. A pared-back design perfectly showcases beautiful product imagery and Mud colour palette. I oversaw and contributed to the project as the UX Designer. Working closely with the team at Mud as well as our the designer and engineer at Pollen.


  • Project lead
  • Information Architecture
  • Content modeling
  • UX Design
  • Overseeing UI Design

Opportunity areas

  • Improve conversions
  • Improve mobile experience
  • Showcase Mud values

Enhancing discovery through curated collections

Collections offer customers another way to explore the products and gain inspiration for how they might incorporate Mud homewares into their lives. As new collections are created, returning visitors will find something new to explore – keeping website content looking fresh, even with a consistent product range.

Enable findability while encouraging discoverability

Through card sorting and Treejacking testing we developed an IA that grouped products into meaningful categories. This allowed people to access specific product types they were looking for via the navigation, or browse through the on-page navigation, which was focused on showcasing the ranges. Along with this, we developed a content model that provided the foundation for extending people’s browsing and shopping. Utilised in the recommended products, related articles and relevant content for particular products.

Pollen team

  • Ross Gales – Strategy & Design Director
  • Hugo Van – Senior Designer
  • Jack Moggach – Technical Lead
  • Bec Smith – Executive Producer