Campos Coffee

Converting casual coffee drinkers, into domestic baristas

Campos Coffee, one of Australia’s leading specialty coffee brands, had an existing e-commerce solution that had a conversion problem. While conversion rates on desktop were reasonable, mobile had a significant drop-off rate. To understand the problem we conducted an expert review of the existing solution, Google Analytics analysis and a review of session replays from real users via Fullstory. Equipped with insights we set about improving the customer experience.

I was responsible for leading and designing the new mobile-first, conversion-focused, experience. The new designs we presented were so well received that the project turned into a complete redesign, and you’ll see from the results below a resounding success.


  • Project lead
  • UX Design
  • UI Design

Opportunity areas

  • Improve conversions
  • Improve mobile experience
  • Improve the B2B communications
  • Improve the Cafe Finder experience
  • Emphasise the Campos story

One year on…


Overall conv. rate


Mobile conv. rate

Improved cafe finder experience to better support partner cafe’s

Along with improving conversions, Campos wanted to promote the cafes that served their coffee. The previous solution was not optimised for mobile and lacked features to promote the cafes. We leveraged the core functionality of Storerocket and improved the UI to create an improved experience.

Are you a Dark Knight or a Fruity Geisha?
We designed a Coffee Blend Finder to help people find their perfect blend

Brett helped solve a big problem into an amazing solution. The new and optimised designs doubled our revenue on mobile devices almost overnight. Brett was instrumental in driving change to achieve company goals in difficult circumstances, all while having a positive attitude.

Ryan MeinFormer Digital Marketing Manager at Campos

Pollen team

  • Ross Gales – Creative Director
  • Lucy Huynh – UX Researcher
  • Bec Smith – Executive Producer